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Uppababy Minu V2: Will it be able to be used every day, even with occasional gravel etc.?

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eli & vii
Tally • 20 Oct 2022

I plan to use this as my daily stroller but I'm worried that the wheels aren't up to the task. We've got a small car and small house so we're looking for small (not travel) strollers. I occasionally cross gravel, grass and cobblestones. Is this up to the occasional trip on uneven terrain or could you reccomend something more suitable?

(Note: we are also comfortable at this price)

Eli • 20 Oct 2022

Hi, Tally,

To be honest, this is closer to a travel stroller than a daily stroller. However, this particular model is sturdier than others, and should, more or less, withstand daily use if you're not too demanding for terrain. Pretty much any stroller can go over some cobblestones or gravel, even if being pulled on the rear wheels. So if the priority is the small size, actually this is one of the best really small ones that should handle this reasonably well. However, do not expect super terrain feel, the small wheels will be rattly a bit, and you will feel or get stuck in large putholes etc. That is the price to pay for the compact size.

Different buggies to perhaps consider, too, would be the TFK Dot 2 (if available around you) or perhaps something a tad larger, like the flat folding Baby Jogger City Mini.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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