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Uppababy Minu V2: A buggy for short trips/holiday use that will last - and has a rather good suspension

Marijke • 15 Apr 2023

Hi Eli, thank you for this amazing website!

For our daughter (18 months) we are looking for a buggy for short trips/holiday use, and hope to use it until she no longer needs a buggy. We love to take day-trips so it's important that she can nap comfortably. Also, we often take trips to old European cities, a rather good suspension is therefore important.

Cabin size is not a requirement, it does need to be small enough to fit in the trunk together with luggage.
We are looking at the Metro+, Minu V2, Joolz Aer and Bugaboo Butterfly. Which would you recommend?

Eli • 15 Apr 2023

Hey, Marijke,

If suspension is what you're prioritizing, I would go for the Joolz Aer out of these. The wheel suspension is simply the best. You need to count on all of these having small wheels so it may be that it is not enough, and on cobblestones and really rough pavements it will be a bit of a fight with these travel strollers.

I will also mention the Cybex Eezy S+² which has a bit larger wheels and so might be, in some situations, a bit more practical (and it's not a bad stroller as well).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.