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Uppababy Cruz versus Joolz Hub+ - which compact yet full-featured stroller will work and last better?

Rola Nazmi • 15 Mar 2022

Hello Eli,

I'm torn between the Uppababy Cruz and the Joolz Hub+.

Our goal is to find a compact stroller yet functioning as a full-sized one in terms of our baby's comfort and durability.

Eli • 15 Mar 2022

Hi, Rola,

I tried to answer your question here, in the previous answer concerning the Hub vs. the Cruz. I believe they are both good, durable, well-made. I also believe the Hub+ is a bit more padded and comfy thanks to the lie-flat position, and it folds more compact. On the other hand, the Cruz, being larger after folding, might be a bit more of a bother for you if you need the smallest folded size, BUT will offer more space for your baby. Another difference is the bucket-shaped seat unit of the Cruz (vs. the lie-flat of the Hub.

So what do you need more? The smaller fold and a lie-flat? Then go Joolz Hub. Or is it longevity of use = larger, roomier seat? Then go for the Cruz.

Both strollers are a quality choice so you won't make a mistake with any of them, durability-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.