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Twistshake Tour: Does the Twistshake Tour fit a Mini Cooper car boot?

Ima • 01 Sep 2021


Can this stroller fit a Mini Cooper car after folding?

Eli • 01 Sep 2021

Hello, Ima,

The Tour's folded dimensions are 61 cm x 51 cm x 36 cm. It absolutely should fold small enough to fit the Mini Cooper's trunk. If still unsure, measure your trunk as well as the opening to be surer still, but the Tour is not a bulky pushchair after folding, so there should be no problem, size-wise. The dimensions of the Mini Cooper boot just confirm that, read more:

Just to compare, the dimensions of a 3-door Mini Cooper hatchback boot are

Length of boot floor - back row of seats folded down or removed:
Length of boot floor - back row of seats upright:
Vertical height of boot opening:
Boot sill height to floor of car:
Boot sill height to ground:
Width of boot floor at narrowest point:
805mmWidth of boot opening - bottom:890mm

Your -very berry- Eli.

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