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Twistshake Tour: Are the wheels noisy?

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eli & vii
Nave • 18 Jul 2022


I read about Twistshake Tour noisy wheeles. Is this true?

Eli • 19 Jul 2022

Hi, Nave,

Well, it is not the sturdiest nor an all-terrain beast, and the plastic on Twistshakes is definitely on the cheaper side, so yes, on real bumps and holes and cobblestones, the stroller may rattle slightly - but it is nothing horrible, at least from my experiences meeting this pushchair multiple times. I actually never stood in awe wondering about the horrible rattling, the stroller feels average for the type in that category (Peg-Péregos for example rattle much more). Just a regular urban stroller for rather smooth pavements, and you will be fine if you won't expect a super quiet ride on bumps.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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