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Thule Urban Glide vs. Baby Jogger Summit X3 vs. TFK Sport, which is the best for jogging?

Maa • 05 Sep 2022

Which of the following stroller is best for jogging and rough terrain?
Child is 6months, so no need for a bassinet. Would be great if it could fit in the trunk of a standard car.

Thule Urban Glide x TFK Sport

Thanks in advance for your reply

Eli • 06 Sep 2022

Hiya, aa,

For the trunk, the best would most probably be the Summit X3. This is also the best option from my point of view. However, the Thule Glide is BETTER for demanding joggers as it has a field wheel which is simply better for that. It is, however, larger for the trunk. The TFK JOggster Sport is great though quite heavy, and yes, you can of with it just fine, though I would get that preferably IF I would also want a sturdy terrain stroller.

So, Baby Jogger is better for versatility and trunk, Thule for jogging especially, and TFK for terrain - there is never one clear better, the question is better for what.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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