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The ultimate, durable ultra-compact travel stroller that lies flat

Avi • 03 Mar 2022

Hi Eli, thanks for the great blog!

I am looking for the ultimate ultra-lite stroller to go on for trips. Important features for me:

- Can fit on a plane, preferably in the upper cabin storage (65*45*25 cm folded)
- Availability in Europe (most medium/large companies are)
- Seat can lay flat so it fits before 6 months or if he wants to nap
- Good as possible durability, not shaky or fragile
- Price is not a factor (most are under 400$ I guess).

Thank you, I appreciate your help!

Eli • 03 Mar 2022

Hi, Avi,

Please, at the start, read this article about ultra-compacts to know you CANNOT expect an ultracompact to be not shaky or fragile. Just look at them, their small frame, small wheels, small - everything. Do you expect a little kid to be "durable", as opposed to a bigger kid? It is just a comparison, but you get the idea. They had to make EVERYTHING smaller so the strength will also be... lower.

About the tips for good ones, read: this full Chicco Goody (Plus) review;
and this article with the TOP 2021 ultracompacts to know what you're looking at.

My personal suggestion, if the lie-flat seat is important for you, would probably be an Ergobaby Metro, a GB Qbit Plus All-City, a Cybex Beezy, or one of the reviewed stroller above.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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