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The seat cannot be connected to the frame because of a shift of the connecting part, what to do?

Leslie • 29 Apr 2022

I can’t seem to connect the seat to the frame of the stroller because somehow one of the connecting parts that clips in moved and I can’t seem to be able to Align the piece it back if that makes any sense.

Eli • 30 Apr 2022

Hi, Leslie,

I am sorry you have such a problem, but I cannot really help you without knowing the model and the exact problem, e.g. from a video. Also, if something changed on your stroller, it may most probably be damaged. You should definitely photograph or camera the problem and ask the seller you got your stroller at/a the distributor of the brand/or the customer service directly, along with pictures or vids showing what is wrong. If something is damaged, only (if even) a professional repair or a spare part will help.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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