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The Riko Brano Eco pram/chassis won't fold down - what to do?

Marina • 25 Jun 2021

Hi dear Eli,

I bought from eBay the Riko Brano Eco brand buggy last year and never tried to fold it - but now I have to do it because I will travel with it, and I can’t. Something is wrong with it. I realized that just now. Can you give me a direction on what can I do?

Thank you very much

Eli • 26 Jun 2021

Hey, Marina,

Apart from watching the manual video for the Riko Brano, where the folding is shown well, your only option is to contact any seller around you that sells the Riko brand strollers. Since we are not around and not knowing every person and store where you live (not knowing where you live), you need to google stores selling the brand and ask for help with repairing your probably broken Riko Brano Ecco pram.

The best option is always asking the seller you bought it from. You must count on the possibility of the frame being broken and not able to fold as well. Might be the whole frame needs replacing and/or you need a different pram. These cheaper Polish prams often do get damaged over time - and replacing + postage fee might well be quite a high price.

I recommend getting a smaller buggy to complement your large pram anyhow (for traveling, the Riko Brano is very very bulky).

But if you insist on using, folding, and traveling with your Brano, you WILL NEED to contact any distributor around (or the manufacturer himself) for help. The frame repair, if not being able to fold as in the manual, will have some kind of damage that needs service and stroller maintenance that you probably won't be able to do yourself. Do lubricate the joints in any case just to be sure.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.