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The perfect lightweight compact stroller for a versatile use

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Amber • 06 Nov 2022

Hi there! I’m struggling to find the perfect stroller.

I have the iCandy Peach which is nice but is ridiculously huge! My baby has lots of hospital appointments that we need to travel to via public transport, and our journey involves some very steep stairs where I need to be able to carry my baby with two hands and (hopefully) have my future stroller hung on my shoulder via a strap.

I’m also looking for one with a completely flat recline that also can sit quite upright too. A sturdy frame and suspension would also be ideal as I live rural and even our paved areas can be bumpy with some cobblestone paths. 3 wheels would be ideal but not a must! I’m struggling to find something that fits all these criteria, any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

Eli • 06 Nov 2022

Hiya, Amber,

It is not completely real to tick all of your boxes, forgive me. Something really light and agile will not be totally upright nor great on terrain / rural areas, forgive me for saying so (but it's the truth). I personally would keep the large pram for normal walks around, and have a much smaller ones for those hospital appoinments and around shops, accepting it will have limited features, suspensions, and use. You simply can't have all.

I would probably suggest something like the Ergobaby Metro Plus as it lies flat and is reasonably comfy for the little one - or something like the Recaro Lexa. If something a bit larger is acceptable, and you do need a more all-terrain pushchair, go for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the Thule Spring.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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