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Riko Brano Ecco: The front wheels turn like crazy, what to do?

Simona • 02 Aug 2021


Something happened to the front wheels when you drive they start moving in all directions what to do? When you block them then you just go straight and almost no longer move?

Eli • 02 Aug 2021

Hi, Simona,

This is a pretty regular problem with these cheaper Polish prams. It means the wheels have an internal problem and this cannot be repaired, really. You can either push your stroller system ONLY with fixed wheels (yes, they won't rotate at all like that, meaning turning will be happening by lifting the front part then turning the whole frame)... or contact the seller you got your pram at or the manufacturer, the Riko brand, directly - here's the Riko customer service contact.

Again, you can't repair this, it's damaged inside. I am sorry to say this but yes, it happens. Do try to claim your warranty.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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