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The Cybex Talos 2in1 or the Cybex Balios 2in1 – what stroller to choose?

Isa • 30 Mar 2022


I am choosing between the Cybex Talos 2 in 1 and the Cybex Balios 2 in 1. I am very confuse about what to choose.

Eli • 30 Mar 2022

Hi, Isa,

I would most probably go for the Balios 2in1, as the Talos is incredibly robust and heavy. That will make it harder to manipulate with a larger child as well as to load and unload it in a car. The lightwer weight f the balis will make it more nimble, especially if you live in a town or a city.

However, if you need a terrain stroller and the pavements and roads around you are in a very bad shape, you will need the huge wheels of the Talos and you won't care as much about the foldability and weight. So if you live in a mountain area or in the countryside with not too tended roads, you will go for the Talos for sure.

Always consider the priorities and your lifestyle to know how to choose your stroller well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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