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The Chicco Liteway 2 weight maximum & why is it so hard to push and use?

Ana • 18 Feb 2022

I bought the Chicco Liteway 2 stroller. On your website, I found information that this model can carry child up to 22kg. But behind the seat of this stroller there is written that max weight recommended is 15 kg. This was really upsetting since this was a really important norm to buy. I'm somehow disappointed, I expected more of this stroller, feels like it's steering hardly, front wheels gets stuck a bit. I don't know, maybe I need to try it more in next days and see how it goes. I bought this stroller expecting it to be easier to ride and enjoyable. Somehow it's not stable with direction. I need to hold it stronger for it not to move to the side. Let's see in next few days how it goes.

Thanks Eli in advance, I appreciate your advice and help.

Eli • 19 Feb 2022

Hi, Ana,

The Weight maximum is often determined by the norm in the country. The Liteway 2 is, for example, up to 22 kg in the US (and other countries), but it may be that if you're based somewhere else and the manufacturer (Chicco) doesn't have a certification from your country for such a weight limit statement, they simply change the etiquette to such that comply with your country's norm. The 22kg weight limit still applies, at least in theory.

About the stroller itself, I always say that umbrella stroller design is already kind of obsolete and not the best (read more HERE) - especially with cheaper models. Umbrella buggies are always quite hard to push and TEH MORE SO with a heavier child. So, yes, in theory, the stroller can carry a 22kg toddler (actually, even a 15kg limit pushchair can, usually) - but that doesn't mean it will be enjoyable. The ride comfort always depends on different things - mainly WHEEL SIZE (the larger the better, but the stroller gets bulkier), SUSPENSION (again, the more suspension, the heavier/larger stroller), QUALITY (usually means a higher price), and MATERIALS USED. The Liteway is a simple buggy for occasional use, in my opinion, and yes, it will not be as comfortable as a non-umbrella full-size or mid-size stroller.

If you want some good push and a lot of space, I recommend a good brand and model such as a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (or a lighter Babystyle Oyster Zero.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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