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The best stroller for newborn transportation outside of the car

Ana Antunes • 14 Nov 2021

What is the best stroller for newborn transportation outside of the car? Carrycot stroller? Car seat on a stroller?

Eli • 14 Nov 2021

Hi, Ana!

The best for a newborn is to lie on a flat surface. There are moments when you just have to use a car seat, but that should be ONLY occasionally and for short periods of time. The doctors actually recommend spending NO MORE than 30-40 minutes in the partially reclined position of the car seat, meaning a short shopping or a short trip. When taking longer trips, you should make pauses, taking out your baby from that unnatural position, for him or her not to be hurt in the spinal and neck area from the longtime point of view (problems can occur soon, but also 10 to 20 years forward).

So, if not in an absolute need to use a car seat on your stroller's frame, you should absolutely use a carrycot (bassinet) that lies flat. That is the best to be used outside of the car. If unable to get a carrycot (financial reasons, or no carrycot available for the stroller of your choice), you should actually use the SEAT UNIT, in the lie-flat position, of course. With a good footmuff or a baby nest, a lie-flat seat unit can be used from birth, and it is a much better, healthier option for longer periods of time.

In short - car seat, YES! but only for car rides or quick shopping, occasionally. Otherwise, a carrycot or a lie-flat car seat is the way of not straining your baby's body.

P.S. If a car seat is still a MUST outside your car, I would 100% recommend a reclinable car seat. By making it flatter, it hurts the baby's spine and neck much much less.

P.S.2 Read our new article about transitioning from a carrycot/car seat to the pushchair/seat unit, it will also clarify quite a few things about this topic.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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