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The best one-hand folding ultra-compact stroller under £200..?

Niomi • 15 Feb 2022

What is the best one hand fold ultra-compact stroller that is less than around £200?

I know the Babyzen Yoyo comes up ALL the time but I just can't justify the price! We do tend to use the stroller for a few holidays over the years so I want one that will be reliable and also, as I will be traveling a few times with just the baby and myself, the easier to fold the better!

Eli • 16 Feb 2022

Heya, Niomi,

I will start with recommending this article of ours, you'll find HERE the TOP 2021's ultracompacts there. I will also send you to our Chicco Goody stroller review HERE as that is one compact stroller that is not expensive while quite good overall - you'll find all the stores offering it on their page HERE. I'll also suggest a Cybex Beezy & think also about models like Ergobaby Metro, Joolz Aer and similar better ones PRE-OWNED - good quality used means being economical as well as ecological.

P.S. I also think the Babyzen is not worth it. Super slanted, short seatback, super expensive. Just saying. ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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