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The best compact travel stroller for a tall toddler and a tall daddy

Laura • 09 Feb 2022

We are looking for a compact stroller for travel. What is the most suitable stroller for a very tall baby? And the one with the highest handlebar height? Dad is also very tall :)

Thanks a lot!

Eli • 09 Feb 2022

Hi, Laura,

The ultra-compact strollers for travel (more about them in general here) usually don't offer an adjustable handlebar, so a very tall daddy will have to "suffer" a little bit with pretty much any given ultracompact (read the top ultracompacts of 2021 in this article here). I will name only the one(s) that are not too low to the ground, of course.

A tall baby and a small stroller is also a problem a bit, as the travel buggies are always made as small as possible (in the seatback and seat area in general, too) - a tall backrest and a high-enough canopy will, however, need to be the main stroller priorities here.

My best advice to you would be the Joolz Aer as it is the highest seat back and is a better quality to accommodate a taller, heavier child as long as it can. The Ergobaby Metro+ could also work as its canopy is quite high up and the handlebar is at 105 cm at the maximum, which is nice for an ultra-compact stroller.

P.S. Be sure to invest in your stroller (or get a better quality second-hand one) as it has to combine features not physically combinable easily (small while spacious, compact but durable...). Saving money would not be a good bargain in this case.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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