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The best airplane-friendly compact stroller under £200

Kirsty • 24 Apr 2023

What’s the best stroller for an aeroplane and then for a sunny holiday to Dubai? We want to pay less then £200, our little boy will be 6 months old.

Eli • 24 Apr 2023

Hey, Kirsty,

I have put together the best travel strollers of 2023 in this article HERE, definitely check it out. Some are, of course, more expensive than others. For a 6mo, you will need something that lies flat, and so I would highlight the Micralite Profold as well - as it is under 200 on some websites. The Kinderkraft Nubi is also rather affordable, and also check the Chicco Goody+. It is, however, important to say that the lower the price is, the less sturdiness, less wheel quality, and fewer comfort features there will be.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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