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TFK Mono: Will it fit a 112cm long, 62cm wide apartment building lift?

DOH • 10 Nov 2021

Hi Eli,

Our apartment lift is rather small (Length: 112cm, Width: 62cm). We are wondering if the handlebar is set to the shortest length downwards and the front wheel swiveled towards to shorter side, what will the total length be?

Thank you!

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eli & vii
Eli • 10 Nov 2021

Hello, there!

I believe you should be just fine. The total length even without pivoting the push bar downwards is about 111 cm, which means that after rotating it to make the base shorter, you'll fit this jogger in your lift. Of course, you will have to squeeze in, too, so it will be a bit tight, but I think you'll do just fine. I am sorry I can't tell you exactly how long (short) will it be as I don't have it at hand, but you'll save about 25-30 cm in length to get yourself in (meaning the approximate length of the stroller will be about 81 cm).

So yes, even if maybe a bit tight, you will be OK!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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