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TFK Mono: What to get for a TFK Mono forward-facing seat to make it comfy and reduced for a newborn?

Tomponzimi • 26 Oct 2021

Dear Eli,

We want to buy Tfk Mono sport without carrycot (combi unit). Is it possible to carry the baby from 0 months?

If yes, could you please suggest an accessory to reduce the space in the seat and improve the comfort for the baby?

Thanks in advance

Eli • 27 Oct 2021

Hello, Tomponzimi!

Yes, it is, as the front-facing seat unit can lie flat, the pushchair unit can be suitable to use right from newborn if you wish so. You are, however, right, the large, spacious seat will be quite spacious, I mean too spacious for such a tiny baby, so a room-reducing accessory is in place.

There are many ways of reducing space, the first being a soft insert kind of carrycot, so not a rigid one. A universally fitting one, e.g. a Hauck 2 in 1 Soft Carrycot or a Peg Perego Kit Pramette, could work for you without being too expensive nor taking too much space after being done with it.

Next, the inserts such as Babymoov Cosymorpho or an Emitex reduction insert (the offer is quite different in different countries so it all depends on where you're living and what's the stores' offer) could be a solution for you. If unable to find anything, just go to a larger bay store around and ask for universal solutions, the sellers should helo you out and show you their offer.

Lastly, a very good footmuff (cosytoes) will do the trick even without a dedicated reduction insert or soft cot. I loved a Lodger Bunker or Explorer, and Bugaboo also have great winter footmuffs, but there are many, even those more rigid ones or those fluffy ones (like Elodie Details, Bjallra of Sweden, and so on). With a warm, safe footmuff, even a small baby in a larger seat will feel cozy and safe and surrounded - the more so if you get a universal apron (foot cover) or a blanket with elastics on the sides for your stroller with it. For leg covers, a baby store will, again, also help; there are many on Amazon or Aliexpress as well, Junior Jones offers such thing, and so many more brands, different in every country.

So there are your options, I wish you all the best!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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