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TFK Dot 2: Is the stroller's seat back upright enough?

Chaity • 13 Sep 2021

Since the backrest recline type is strap-operated, is the seat is too slanted? My toddler likes to sit straight in an upright posture, and most strap-operated backrests cannot be vertical if not 90 degrees due to their design. Will it be comfortable for a child who does not like to rest their back reclined?

Eli • 13 Sep 2021

Hi, Chaity,

The seatback of this particular buggy is, as you say, adjusted with a strap mechanism, it will never be 90 degrees upright. Actually, even with a lever, 90degree angle is pretty much impossible on a stroller, even if some strollers do boasts quite an upright seat.

The Dot 2 is slightly slanted, but not too much. I believe any kid inside should be fine unless they truly and absolutely need a VERY VERY upright seat. Do count on a slight recline even fully inclined BUT as the seat is deep enough, it should be fine.

The smaller and lighter you'll go, the less the seat is (usually) upright. And, true, a strap recline causes the pushchair to be a bit slanted pretty much always.

I hope I helped.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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