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Teutonia BeYou! V2: Which buggy board will be compatible with my BeYou?

Meenakshi • 18 Mar 2023


I am unsure but think I have Teutonia BeYou V2 purchased. Looking for a buggy board compatible with it. Which one shall I choose as the best model next to it?


Eli • 18 Mar 2023

Hey, Meenakshi,

The Lascal Buggy Board is very universal, so whichever generation of the BeYou you own, it will fit, I believe. I would, thus, either go for the Lascal Buggy Board Mini or Maxi (depending how large is your kid and how much space you need for your steps), OR the Bumprider which is also very easy to fit to pretty much any stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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