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Tako Sportime: Why have so many Tako Strollers been discontinued?

Lisa • 31 Jul 2023

Why have so many Tako strollers been discontinued? Is there some type of recall ? I see on for resale looks beautiful in pictures but I’ve never seen the brand before. Trying to do some research on it . She has it listed as a 3 in 1 system.

Eli • 31 Jul 2023

Hey, Lisa,

Tako is a huge Polish producer who starts then changes their portfolio a lot. The prams are nice with the bassinet, but not as great (less spacious, bulky, less good looking) with the seat unit, it's also derived from their cheaper price. They change a lot to simply tend to the market. If you'll get even a discontinued stroller from them, if you're undemanding and focus specifically on the bassinet part, don't worry at all. Very few (very old) ones were ever recalled, in general they just make new ones and discontinue old ones.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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