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Strollers for sand and beaches

LC • 03 Jun 2022

Hello! I'm looking for some recommendations on beach strollers for sand - what kind of features/wheels should I look for, and are there any specific brands/products you recommend?

Eli • 03 Jun 2022

Hi, LC,

For sand and beaches, you need LARGE wheels, and I mean the larger, the better. That means a large, heavy stroller, to be honest. But there is a way around it, also, meaning two-wheel-mode strollers that you can pull on two wheels after changing the frame, which would be the Cybex Priam or the Buagaboo Fox. Apart from a large, robust stroller with large wheels that would still be hard to push on sand, ans a two-wheel-mode pram that can be pulled behind you on two wheels, pretty much all strollers will need a pulling-behind approach or just be very light to pick them up and carry where you need to.

Lastly, don't forget about cleaning and maintenance of your stroller after each trip on sand as sand osthe natural enemy of stroller wheels.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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