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Stokke Xplory V3: Is the V5 carrycot compatible?

Teaa • 24 Aug 2023

I have just purchased a second hand Xplory V3 the hot pink edition, of course it does not come with a carry cot but I have now found a second hand carry cot base with no fabric included but it’s for the V5. Is this compatible with the Xplory V3 and will my V3 canopy/ hood fit the V5 carrycot and the bumper bar does that attach on the carrycot too?

What fabric set is needed for this carrycot and are all the mattresses the same for all the carrycot too?

Eli • 24 Aug 2023

Hey, Teaa,

Unfortunately, no, the V5 version went through quite some redesign and the parts are not compatible. You need to find a V3 carrycot (probably in classifieds), and the same goes for the fabrics and mattress (which could maybe fit but not perfectly so I don't recommend it). Try outlets, eBay, and browse second hand offers for the parts as well as for the fabrics - or contact Stokke's customer service to get more info about availability.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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