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Stokke Xplory V3: A large 2yo and a Stokke Xplory; how to fit him inside?

charlotte bacon • 10 Nov 2021


I have recently purchased a Stokke pushchair. My two-year-old is quite large for his age and I'm worried he will be too big for it. What wright do you recommend for this, plz?

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eli & vii
Eli • 11 Nov 2021

Hey, Charlotte,

The bucket-style, shaped Stokke seat is not the smallest out there, but as a reversible seat unit, it will never be crazy roomy. Not for a larger-for-his-age 2 years old. If he will be too large for the seat, you cannot do much, really. If I should recommend at least partial remedies, I will say - dress him in multiple thinner layers and sweater + jacket instead of puffy, fluffy thick clothes. If needing a footmuff, pick your cosytoes with care and, again, don't go for a fluffy-style one (like, e.g., an Elodie Details footmuff). And, lastly, don't expect much. It's similar to too small jeans - I mean, you won't feel comfy if you're completely squeezed in them. You'll change then eventually.

Do read this article about reversible seats and think about whether you need such a seat for such an older toddler. I mean, this pram is quite bulky and heavy for such a child, I would not want to burden myself as much... Enjoy your pushchair as long as possible and after that, my suggestion would be to change for a non-reversible, world-facing lighter, more compact and more spacious stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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