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Stokke Beat vs. Cybex Iris M-Air vs. GB Beli Air, which stroller to choose?

Selay • 09 Jan 2023

Dear Eli,

Three options, and I can't decide. Stokke Beat, Cybex M Iris or Gb Beli Air. My priorities are the comfort of the child and the drive. Sorry for my English, btw, did my best🤗♥️

Eli • 09 Jan 2023

Hi, Selay,

From what you are choosing, I would personally go for the Stokke Beat. I mean, all the strollers on your list are a tad harder, not oo soft in terms of suspension, but the Cybex Iris and the GB Beli Air are older models. The Beat, even with some downsides (weaker footrest, not too much suspension) is a newer one, and a tad more practical to maintain from my point of view, and also offers a full lie flat, not a shaped seat. So that would be my choice.

However, if not that, any of the other two (whichever is less expensive) is good enough, too, as they are rather spacious and nicely made - and they are made in the same factory, so the quality is pretty much the same.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.