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Silver Cross Wayfarer: How to replace a peeling-off handlebar cover?

Jackie Nevitt • 05 Jan 2022

I would like to replace the leatherette handle bar covers on my wayfarer since I had it out in heavy rain and the coating is all peeling off. Can you help?

Thank you

Eli • 05 Jan 2022

Hi, Jackie,

Well, you can only do one of two things. First, and probably the best one, is to get in touch with the Silver Cross brand customer service (Monday to Friday between 9 am & 5:30 pm, call 0345 872 6900). They should advise you about what's best to do or which service can help you best (or have a spare part delivered to you).

Apart from that, you can just go the cheaper, less-tailor-made way, meaning a universally fitting cover after removing your peeling-off ones. You can find quite a few on portals like eBay or Aliexpress, just search for "stroller handle cover" and get those that are leatherette and sold in two shorter pieces (like these ones). It will fit - kind of, and work OK for that price, but it won't be perfect.

An alternative to that could be a tailor that would sew you pieces of leather around your handles, which will fit much nicer and will be higher-quality bt will also be more expensive.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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