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Silver Cross Surf: Which car seat would be compatible with the Silver Cross Surf, and which Isofix base?

QUEENIE • 24 May 2023

Can you help please wanting to identify which car seat would be compatible with the Silver Cross Surf? Which isofix base I might require?

Many thank Victoria

Eli • 24 May 2023

Hello, Victoria,

Finding a compatible car seat and finding an Isofix base are two very different things. A base is not for the pram, it is only for the car seat type, and has nothing to do with the choice of a stroller.

To attach a car seat to this model, you will need car seat adapters. Either you have them, or need to search for those, however, this is an older model, so it may take some checking in classifieds or contacting the customer service to be sure you have the right ones. The adapters are for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seats, and for that (kind of U-shaped) attachment, you will be able to attach a Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Joie, Kiddy, Recaro 0+ car seat.

Based on which brand and model of the car seat you pick, you have to google (or ask in the shop you buy it in) the right Isofix based meant for that car seat model. You won't be able to mix & match car seat and base, you have to get the base for the particular car seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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