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Silver Cross Spirit: Which car seat adapters do I need to attach the Simplicity Plus car seat to this stroller frame?

Danielle • 02 Mar 2022


I've just purchased the Silver Cross Spirit stroller and Silver Cross Simplicity plus car seat. Not too sure what car seat adapters I’m gonna need to attach the car seat to the chassis as have come across some universal ones and some much smaller ones, any advice would be much appreciated.

Thankyou ☺️

Eli • 02 Mar 2022

Hi, Danielle,

You need dedicated Spirit adaptors for the Simplicity car seat line. I am attaching the picture of how they look:

The best you can do before buying is to contact the seller and make sure you are purchasing the right ones - the need to have the lower part specifically made for the Silver Cross Spirit pushchair, and the upper part for the Silver Cross line of car seats.

Also good to know: usually, the seller that sold you the pushchair and the car seat will have the adapters in stock OR will be able to order them.

And watch out, the 'universal' car seat adapters are for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seats.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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