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Silver Cross Spirit: Where to the original footmuff?

Majchy • 20 Apr 2023


I have this one for a few months now and can’t get the original foot muff anywhere… Was ok - cocoon before, but now when the baby is bigger, I need something else. I have few of them sSlver Cross muffs but none would fit as should. I want some to fit and look nice and be big enough

Eli • 20 Apr 2023

Hey, Majchy,

I cannot find any original footmuff to this anywhere. I believe you should try and contact the Silver Cross customer service and ask them about the availability, but I myself would most probably go for a better universal footmuff, honestly - they are usually more spacious. My personal preference is the Lodger Bunker that fits very nicely into most pushchairs, but mums also like Elodie Details footmuffs quite a lot, too. Ir try and visit a baby store and check the fit of different universal footmuffs in person.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.