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Silver Cross Reef vs. Bugaboo Fox. Is the Reef worth getting?

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eli & vii
G.O • 02 Aug 2022


I am 35 weeks pregnant and I'm looking into the Silver Cross Reef. I love the look and the feel of it (I tried it out in a store). My only unsureness is whether I should rather be buying a Bugaboo Fox 3. Is that better quality or longer lasting? (i.e for usage now and for future kids...)

I personally know a lot of people who have a Bugaboo and hardly any who have a Silver Cross. Is there a reason for that?

I want to stay gender neutral with colours, and I love the 'Earth' colour option for the Reef - I really don't like grey - the only neutral (not black) option with Fox 3.

Also, both me and my husband are tall, so we like that the Reef has a higher bassinet than the Fox 3. I'm planning on getting a Doona as well for in and out the car - I drive a lot - so this pram is mainly for around my area, on pavements, or walking on paved paths in the park...

I want to feel like a queen with my pram - and I like being a bit individual as long as it's still practical.
Hope I've given enough info - thanks so much!

Eli • 02 Aug 2022

Heya, G.O,

I totally see your struggle, and I feel you. I also love neutrals, especially beige (I had a beige Cybex Mios as well and loved the color), and grey is everywhere. Now I am going to be honest and of course very subjective, so take it as just that - in my opinion, the modern-design Silver Crosses are not worth the money in terms of quality, just the design. They are... a bit too bulky, a bit too hard in terms of suspension, not as spacious as compared to how heavy they are... ad overall, the frame quality really could be better for what they are.

The Bugaboo Fox is very very light compared to how nicely it rides and what it can stand, so it would definitely be my first choice here. Even if you are tall, the bassinet will be used only a few months, and it is not crazy low, it is actually rather average. And so many people have it because of that - the quality is much better, the driving around, too (incomparable in curb-popping, when you think about the same with the Reef which is much much harder)... and the later on sellability is simply incredibly high (quite a substantial amount will get back to you even after you're done with your Fox pram).

Othe options to make you feel like a queen could be the Cybex Priam (which is stunning but also a little lower in quality, compared to Fox - still, it does have nice features overall), the Stokke Trailz Classic which is super tall and practical though quite heavy and bulky, the Easywalker Jimmey that is really nice to push and spacious...

Hope I helped and shed a bit light in all this ^_^

P.S. If you still feel like you're pulled to the Reef, go for it and make yourself happy. SOmetimes even the design might just be worth it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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