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Silver Cross Pursuit: What are the folded dimensions, frame-only and with the seat attached?

Jaz88 • 04 Oct 2021

Hi! What are the folded dimensions of the chassis only, and respectively the folded dimensions of the chassis with seat unit please?

Eli • 04 Oct 2021

Heya, Jaz!

The frame-only folded dimensions are 85 cm x 54 cm x 35 cm.

You CAN fold the chassis with the seat attached, but the manufacturer doesn't state these dimensions. It will, however, be about 20-25 cm higher with the seat on (circa 85 cm x 54 cm x 63 cm when forward-facing), if you need to know a reference number. I don't have it on hand so this is an educated "guess" based on my experience with such prams. I wouldn't, however, recommend folding it with the seat unless you have a really large car boot.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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