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Silver Cross Pop Star: Does the Pop and the Pop Star use the same footmuff?

Jemma • 22 May 2022

Hi, do the SC Pop and the Pop star use the same footmuff? Or are they different?
Thank you

Eli • 23 May 2022

Hi, Jemma,

If you mean the Pop 2 and the Pop Star, then yes, the frame is the same. The chassis of the older Pop, however, is slightly different, meaning it should fit the same footmuff, but there might be something not fitting as right. Still, a footmuff for a buggy should have about the same specs, so they will perhaps not be identical (design, colors, and even materials often change from one year's model to the next, and so with the "types" of models as it is the Pop 2 vs. the Pop Star), but they will be similar for sure over all three iterations as the basin functionality did not change that much.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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