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Silver Cross Pop 2: Where to find a Pop 2 stroller? They are out of stock!

Diana • 26 May 2022

Where can I still find this type of stroller? (Pop2). It seems they are out of stock everywhere I looked!

Eli • 26 May 2022

Hello, Diana,

It might just as well be true, they might be sold out at the moment or even not made at the time being. At these times, even a part missing in the factory can cause a stop in the production, and I know there has been a problem with some types of plastic. This all is 100 % up to the manufacturer, in this case, the Silver Cross brand, and it is up to them if they will stock this again when possible, or even discontinue this model.

Only time will tell, but if you need an umbrella buggy, I would probably look at some other models at this time, if this one is nowhere to be found. My own suggestion would be something in the likes of a Maclaren Techno XT, a Baby Jogger Vue if you can find one, or even browsing classifieds for the type you want.

P.S. I saw a few on eBay in a good pre-owned state, and even a new one(s) here ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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