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Silver Cross New Pop: Will it accommmodate a 91 cm 13 kgs 2yo? How does it compare to the Chicco Goody+ and what terrains can it be used on?

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eli & vii
Fattie • 30 Aug 2022

Is this stroller suitable for a tall toddler (91 cm 13 kgs 2 year old) and though it says it is suitable for up to 4 years, how true is that? How does it compare with Chicco Goody Plus since I am confused between the two - pros and cons would help (seeing the specs there is a very slight difference)?

Also, what are the terrains this could be used on?

Eli • 30 Aug 2022

Hi there,

There is a great difference between the Chicco Goody Plus which is an occasional use ultra-compact stroller meant for traveling and made as small as possible (which will be reflected in the seat, basket, hood size as well) and this umbrella-style stroller that is quite long after folding. Yes, both are urban, better on smooth surfaces, though there are too many different qualities - the Goody+ made for traveling = super light and compact, the New Pop long but also much more spacious - though you WILL need two hands to push it because of the twin handlebars.

The New Pop is definitely OK at least till 3 years of age, and a not too huge 4 years old could fit, perhaps, too - be ready, however, that with those two handles and a bit rickety frame design it will be much harder to push with a really tall/heavy-ish child.

So, you should be able to use both with your two-year-old for sure, though the Goody+ is not really an everyday buggy - for everyday use, the Silver Cross will be better, but as its type goes, not always the smoothest push, especially on terrain. The small wheels of the Goody+ or the plastic-y double wheels of umbrella strollers are simply not for larger bumps; you will feel them too much. Remember, the larger the wheels, the better (most of the time).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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