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Silver Cross Balmoral: We cannot put it back together after its been stored, please help


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Nat • 03 Jul 2022


I bought a Silver Cross Balmoral in 2018, it's been stored away and we took the the top of the chassis by opening the leather straps - we are struggling to fit it back together for the new addition to the family? Do you have any instructions or tips to do this, I would be really grateful..?

Kindest regards

Eli • 03 Jul 2022

Heya, Nat,

I'm afraid this is a pram so hard to get your hands on and so expensive I don't have experience with putting it back) together, I am sorry. I did find the Silver Cross instruction manual for your to check and perhaps find some answers, or I can recommend emailing or calling (0345 872 6900, Mon to Fri between 9am & 5:30pm) the Silver Cross customer service who should help you even better than I can.

If, by any chance, there's a part missing on your Heritage model, there are two stores in the UK - contact is here, who keep those and help with repairs, so they should probably even help you with putting it together, too. Don't hesitate to call them.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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