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Should we get a buggy board (which?) or a tandem seat? P.S. 2yo + a winter baby + an Easywalker Harvey.

Romaine • 26 Aug 2021

Good evening, Eli.

We've got an Easywalker Harvey 2 at home, a 2yo, and a 2nd on the way (due in end of November/start of December). We're thinking about getting the sibling kit to convert the Harvey to a tandem (but a bit afraid about whether the older one will fit and will be comfortable) versus getting only a kiddy ride to attach in the rear. The older daughter still uses her stroller a lot, so I am not sure if she'll be OK on a kiddy board... maybe one with an extra seat could do... 🤯

Please, help us make a decision. Preferred kiddy ride brands would also be appreciated.

Eli • 26 Aug 2021

Hello, Romaine!

You thought about the future with the Easywalker Harvey2, didn't you..? 😊 I mean, you say it yourself. Your older daughter does ride in her Easywalker Harvey2 stroller still quite a lot. To make her stand all the way for quite long walks with a newborn, all the while you'll be short of space for legs and struggling up curbs... I don't know.

What I would do is to wait. You do have the right pram if I understand correctly (not going to change it, are you..?). A sibling board is a thing that you can buy even in November, and you can, in the meantime, check where the double - tandem stroller configuration second seat is available to get quick enough... And watch your little one - maybe, but this is highly unlikely, she'll "grow out of a stroller" and won't want to sit in anymore... then buy a sibling board, MAYBE (or maybe it's not even necessary).

Otherwise, I would go with the tandem seat still - to any Harvey, the Harvey3 and Harvey2stroller tandem extension will fit mutually - and a sibling board can be quite a burden if used regularly/every day, more so even if you have a lot of curbs around... Read more in our guide about sibling buggy boards ad how - or why not - to choose one to be clearer about the topic. I would only recommend a sibling ride if you'd use it around shops and/or occasionally... for full-throttle everyday walks, I would think about a second seat more...

or, in my case and a 1.5yo when the second was born, I had a little rocket that didn't want to sit in a stroller so he walked... and, with my second being 2 and a third one born, I was using a baby wrap and an ergo carrier the most, swapping the younger and the older in the stroller system. So these I'll also recommend as alternatives to think about.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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