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Should I go for the Lux Cot, Lite Cot, or both with the Cybex Mios? And is the basket really so limited?

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Vaishali • 15 Sep 2022

Thanks Eli sooo soo much! I’ve liked the Mios from the start too! Did you use the Lite cot and Lux carrycot and do I need both? Also is the basket size as limiting as the reviews make out?



Eli • 16 Sep 2022

Heya, Vaishali ^_^

I only used the full-featured carrycot, I did not have the insert Lite cot. I think I would only use the soft insert cot if I did not have the space for the hard-bottomed one, which I find a bit better if you do have the space and budget for it, though if you don't, only the Lite Cot should be just fine. You definitely don't need both.

About the basket, it is smaller, yes. However, it is kind of deep, especially in the middle, and I found a hack that I filled it as I wanted to AND also put by changing bag over that, hooking it on the sides of the frame, so the storage space and overall carry load were definitely enough for me. I mean, it is a small, compact stroller, and as such, it will not have a huge storage space, though I never felt I lack that too much.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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