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Seed Papilio: Where to get a bumper bar for the Seed Papilio pushchair?

Metty • 16 Sep 2021


We have a Seed stroller but it does not have a bumper bar! How can I order it?
I live in Sweden!


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eli & vii
Eli • 17 Sep 2021

Hey, Metty!

The bumper bar was, at least before, available at distributors/sellers of the Seed brand, or on Amazon. The thing is, as Seed was taken over by Britax, the availability of spare parts rapidly (almost) disappeared.

You can either try and write to Britax customer support, but I don't believe they'll help you. Next, you can go through classifieds and see if somebody doesn't sell this accessory somewhere around you (or further).

And the last piece od advice (I actually used this on my own Seed Papilio, which I loved, btw 😉) would be a "toy" kind of accessory that serves, pretty much, a s abelly bar. I got the ELC steering kit pushchair toy and when needed a bar in the frontpart, I attached this for my boy to play with.

As the Seed Papilio is, however, a bucket-style seat unit pushhcair, I didn't have to use it too often.

Stay safe!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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