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Roan Bass Next: How does the Roan Ivi compare to Bugaboo strollers?

yehuda • 26 Jun 2023


I want to purchase the Roan Ivi model does anyone know about the quality comparing it to Bugaboo?

Eli • 27 Jun 2023

Hey, yehuda,

You cannot compare a Roan with a Bugaboo, unfortunately. It is much heavier, much bulkier, and not as easy to steer, especially with the seat that is also smaller. These are simply two completely different brands and pram styles - the Roan is better with the bassinet, which is large and comfy, and has more suspension with chunkier wheels = better for less demanding parents that focus on the carrycot part and live in a village or somewhere with worse terrain, while the Bugaboo is more urban, more nimble, much lighter, and is better for longer time use in terms of practicality of the parts, the seat especially.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.