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Recaro Lexa Elite versus Mamas&Papas Airo

Aya • 31 Mar 2023

Hello Eli, I really can’t thank you enough♥️

Last question, Recaro Lexa Elite or Mamas&Papas Airo?

Eli • 31 Mar 2023

Hey, Aya,

These are two little different models - the Lexa Elite is a little less spacious, however it offers your child the option to face you. The Airo is more for 1yo+ - toddlers, and has less comfort for the legs as that part is not adjustable.

I would go for the Recaro if your child is smaller or naps in the buggy, OR would go for just the Recaro Lexa (non-Elite) which only faces forward and is roomier.

So, between the Lexa Elite vs. Airo. I think the Lexa Elite. If you need a roomier buggy though, it should be Airo vs. Lexa, and there I think I may just pick the Lexa. Just - more features, more comfort in the seat, and more space.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.