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Recaro Lexa Elite: A cabin approved, comfortable stroller for a 9-month-old that can be parent-facing

Moomin • 21 Apr 2023

Can't decide between the Recaro Lexa, Cybex Eezy Twist or Bugaboo Butterfly. I need a stroller that is cabin approved, comfortable for a 9-month-old, and can be parent-facing.


Eli • 21 Apr 2023

Hey, Moomin,

Out of the three, the Butterfly doesn't parent face, so I'm guessing if that's a priority you won't want to go for that. Maybe you meant the Bugaboo Ant which can face the parent however is super small in the seat and I wouldn't really recommend it, just not a practical model.

From the Cybex and the Lexa Elite, I think I would go for the Lexa Elite as it is a newer, kind of seems more practical mainly thanks to the wheels. They are, however, really comparable, so you won't do much better or much worse with any of those, so you can decide which design or price you like more out of the two. It is good to know that a parent-facing travel stroller will never be crazy spacious, and will last you a shorter time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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