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Recaro Easylife Elite 2, Joie Tourist Signature, OR something else - for daily use?

Caty • 17 Mar 2023


Can you tell me what should I choose between the ultracompact strollers Recaro Easylife Elite 2 and Joie Tourist Signature for daily use on normal surface? Or if you have another suggestion, it would really be very helpful... Thanks

Eli • 17 Mar 2023

Hey, Caty,

I personally would absolutely not choose any of these ultracmopacts for daily use. They are on the rattly side, and meant for travel and occasional use only, meaning your child won't be so comfy in the seat (the Tourist being really slanted, not upright at all) and the stroller will not be super comfy to push on varied day-to-day surfaces. If really only these two were your options, probably I would go for the Recaro as the seat is slightly more comfortable from my point of view.

If I really had to have an ultra-compact for everyday use, I would go for a little sturdier, and look at either the Ergobaby Metro+, the Uppababy Minu, the Recaro Lexa, or the Joolz Aer

Your -very berry- Eli.

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