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Quinny Moodd 4: What is the length and thickness of the handlebar?

Alice • 08 Nov 2021

Hey :)

I would like to know the handle bar dimensions, please. Length and thickness, thank you!

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eli & vii
Eli • 08 Nov 2021

Hi, Alice!

If by length, you mean the height options of this push bar, then it ranges from 97 centimeters from the ground (lowest possible position) to 105 centimeters from the ground (highest possible position).

About the thickness, however, I am not sure what's the right way to measure that. There's the diameter, and then there's the circumference, none of which actually make much difference as it is mostly the shape (more curved, more oval, quite flat, quite rounded) that will feel good (or bad) in your hands. In any case, most manufacturers (pretty much none, to be honest), provide this information as, as I already said, the circumference or the diameter won't tell you that much as a measurement alone. If anyhow interested in the circumference measurement, I measured it for you just now, it is 11 cm.

The information that could help you here is that the handle is quite average on the Quinny Moodd. Not too thick, not too thin, 11 cm in circumference + the average shape of the handle is pretty much as any handle out there that is not exceptional. Most women's hands should be absolutely fine with it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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