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Quinny Hubb Duo: Does it fold with only the single mode parts or with all parts, even in the sibling mode?

Dawn Alison Murkin • 11 Dec 2021

Do you stock parts of a single push chair or do you stock the duo with all the parts?

Eli • 12 Dec 2021

Hello, Dawn!

This stroller only can be folded with ONE seat attached. It cannot be folded with both seat, a single bassinet, or with two carrycots. From my experience, the best and most space-saving is actually to store first the seat or seats and THEN the folded frame separately. But this, of course, depends on you and your needs.

To know more, read this in-depth expert review of the Quinny Hubb stroller we did, there's a lot of pictures ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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