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Phil&Teds Go Double: How is the quality, and is it a good buy for 2 newborns and city living?

SM • 17 Apr 2023

I'm interested to buy this twin stroller, but some reviews regarding not comfortable seats & poor quality got me worried. What do you suggest (for 2 newborns in a city / apartment)? Thank you in advance.

Eli • 17 Apr 2023

Heya, SM,

Well, this is a TRAVEL model, so I can honestly tell you that yeah, comfort-wise, it is not the best stroller. It is not meant to be a comfort stroller, though, this is meant for occasional use. For two newborn babies and an everyday kind of use, I would definitely not recommend it, I would go for something much more substantial. That also means a more expensive model, especially if you need a double, and also a larger, bulkier fold unfortunately - but one can only have one or the other.

My suggestion for twins from birth, from the simpler lighter options, would be the Valco Snap Duo. Similarly, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double2 could work. And if Phil&Teds in-line strollers made you think of this one, the Phil&Teds Voyager could be a nice model to check out (however the seats are much less spacious).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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