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Peg-Pérego Ypsi modular pram: how robust and easy to use it is on rough terrain?

Lyd • 17 Nov 2021

I am researching the Peg Perego Ypsi Modular pram at the moment. Can you tell me how robust and easy it is to use on rough terrain including sand?

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eli & vii
Eli • 17 Nov 2021

Heya, Lyd,

First, I'll start with NO stroller is easy to use on sand. Sand is the "natural enemy" of wheels which it can damage (ball bearings, joints) as well as makes the stroller quite uncomfortable to be pushed over a sandy surface. That is why there are a few strollers (Bugaboo models as well as, ie., a Cybex Priam that offer a two-wheel mode for the stroller to be able to be pulled behind on two wheels. I only say this so you don't expect miracles on the sand.

Normally, rough terrain means the need for larger wheels and a softer suspension, making the frame comfier there. The Peg-Pérego Ypsi is, in my opinion, a well-made, pretty pram, just not an all-terrain one. Don't get me wrong, you CAN manage with bumps and holes, but this is predominantly an urban pushchair with an occasional light terrain capability. On smoother surfaces, it is nice to push, but on really hash terrain, it will loosen up in the frame joints over time, and you'll feel the rattling more and more.

Robustness-wise, it is a full-size stroller, not too large but reasonably-sized for any everyday use. It's ok for petite mums and taller (not extremely, though) parents alike. Again, normal conditions, even a bit of grass and such will be OK, they are for most stroller systems. Don't expect it, however, to be a do-it-all beast on bad terrain, the chassis is not that strong to endure that regularly from my experience. Really bad conditions will need a heavier model, ideally a three-wheeled one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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