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Peg-Pérego Vivace: Vivace, Veloce, or Book? Which model is better?

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eli & vii
Emily • 27 Oct 2022


I'm trying to decide between the Peg-Perégo Vivace, Veloce and the Book (which on their website is now 51cm and reversible). I cannot really figure out what the substantial differences are.

My wants are:
- Something no wider than 51cm
- A comfortable, lay flat seat, rotating seat with a seat back height min 48cm
- Large canopy with excellent sun protection and ventilation
- Good suspension (cobblestones!)
- Good steering
- Handlebar height good for both 170cm and 183cm people
- Decent storage underneath
- Bumper bar.

All 3 of these strollers seem to fit my requirements, more or less. Is there something I'm missing? What should be the deciding factor to my decision?


Eli • 27 Oct 2022

Hiya, Emily,

I will start with which for sure no, and that would be the Book line. The reversible Book is normally called Book Plus, and although they claim a good suspension on it, it actually loosens up over time and also is very hard in terms of suspension. I personally would not want it on cobblestones.

However, the two other models have a similar problems, PP strollers overall are actually on the harder, weak suspension side. The Veloce might be a tad better experience because the wheels are larger, however the rest of the chassic is more on the rattly side - though the design of the Vivace is a little better supported, just with smaller wheels.

I would probably choose the Vivace as the newest, probably the most upgraded stroller, however, in this category, the Cybex Mios is equipped with a better frame with a softer suspension, from my experience, so I would also think about that one. The canopy difference is easier to solve with an extra sun shade / sun visor, but the wheel suspension cannot be enhnced.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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