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Peg-Pérego Selfie: Is it ok if the handle makes a clicking sound?

Mandy • 06 Mar 2022

When the handle bar (baby in seat) is pushed forward is it supposed to make a clicking sound?

Eli • 07 Mar 2022

Hi, Mandy,

Well, no, it shouldn't, in theory. I am not exactly sure what, why, when does it happen. Is it a loud sound, just a little squeak, does it do any other discomfort or problems..? I suggest making a video of what you mean, upload it on youtube, and, ideally, ask the seller - he might just take you up on a warranty if it IS a problem, or comfort you by telling it's ok and you only need to clean it, for example.

In any case, it's super hard to give advice like this, when one doesn't know the problem, but I would take it to the seller or to Peg-Pérego's customer service.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.