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Pali Pratic 3in1 stroller system - any specs, opinions, stroller review?

Mimi • 03 Nov 2021


I'm 6 months pregnant and was looking into getting the new Pali Pratic 3 in 1 stroller. It looks great and everything but I don't feel comfortable buying it without any professional or parent review, and as I can't find any of those online, I'm kindly asking you to review it and add the list of specs on your site.

Thank you so much.

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eli & vii
Eli • 04 Nov 2021

Hello, Mimi,

Thank you for this request, we've added the Pali Pratic's specs in our stroller portfolio. 😊 And to the stroller review...

The Pratic is most certainly made in the same Chinese factory the Easywalker Rudey was made (the Rudey will be slowly discontinued in the next few months). The stroller frame and functions are very very similar, so for much more details, check our Easywalker Rudey full stroller review here.

If you look closely at both strollers, the Pali Pratic is made a bit mode simpler, even if it seems fancier in a few features. First, the wheels are a bit smaller than the Rudey's, and they're also made out of EVA foam, meaning a less sturdy, less all-terrain material. Next, the car seat. A no-name car seat will be very very basic and without ADAC or similar testing. I personally would not want this capsule, but if you won't travel too much in your car, it will do. So do expect the stroller to perform in similar ways while being simpler, a bit cheaper, otherwise very comparable.

Lastly, I want to point out the pros so I am not too negative: nice luxury details, nice price for a 3in1 set, and with accessories included. My own opinion about it is that for a mom that cares about the money spent, and needs something mainly around the city while wanting a reversible seat and enough space in the bassinet, the seat unit, and also the storage basket, it will work for you, I believe. I can actually recommend it if the terrain you need to tackle won't be too harsh. The folding and the nice details will suit an urban use, especially for such a nice price. Just, I would pick a different car seat.

I hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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